SLS Command Unit 5390
Command 5390 was placed into service in March of 2011. Built by SVI Trucks of Loveland, CO, CM5390 was aquired and funded entirely with a grant award from the Department of Homeland Security.

The unit was specified to fullfill several roles identified by a multi-disciplinary committe of public safety agencies who collaborated on the project led by the sub-recipient Salinas Fire Department.

Three primary roles were identified in the needs assesment, the first being a mobile command post to foster and enhance unified command for emergency management. On several emergency incidents and large public planned events, the unit has deployed in support of joint fire, law, EMS, and non-public safety joint commands. This has proven to enhance the unified command system and strengthen inter-agency relationships.

The second goal was to provide specific technolgies to afford communications interoperabilty across disparate RF communications infrastractures and provide a "Common Operational Picture" among all responders and local/regional Emergency Operations Centers. With a host of RF, satellite, WiMax and mesh networking capabilities, the unit can provide widely-scaled incident support in most austere of environments based on the needs of the Incident Commanders.
Finally, CM5390's unique ability to function as a backup Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to the Monterey County Emegency Communications Center affords redundancy to the 911 system in the event there is an interuption in the operation of the fixed facility. With 5390's software based Cassidian 911 system, 911 calls can default to, and be directly answered in, the vehicle.

Amongst these specific roles, additional grants have been received to enhance the capabilites of the unit to include a portable deployable mesh network and camera system to provide full-motion video from tripod ptz cameras and man-portable tactical cameras worn by special operations law enforcement and haz-mat team members. Live, evidence quality video is stored in the vehicle and can be viewed remotely in EOC's or by authorized personnel in the field via smartphone. The networks can also be extended into fixed facilities for extended operations support should the situation dictate.
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